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Illuminates the sea for those which love it

The combination of 50 years of workmanship and passion for the sea allows XDive to create cutting-edge products uing the bet materials and technology. Our productss for underwater lighting are used by the best diving centers, the most experienced cave divers, world-renowned archaeologists, underwater operators and marine rescue teams.

With the continuous development of our patents, XDive is the perfect cross between technical expertise and passion for the sea.


We want to see the sea as it has never been seen before

Durability, ease of use, comfort and satisfaction of the diver is not the only reason why we work, It also inspires us to differentiate our products to the specific characteristics nd needs of each diver and their required experiences with constant updates.

  • After test diving 4 of the XDive lights, I am happy to say they are reliable, bright and rugged!¬†These lights are well built, heavy duty and you should never need anotherlight!testimonial - paul heinerthPaul Heinerth Diving legend
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