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XDive has developed the new SPELEO 3 lighting system which represents the third generation of a product developed with the requirements for technical and extreme diving, for both recreational and professional uses. This new light system, offers a selection of three types of light heads with LED technology (latest discovery in the field of underwater lighting) and no less than 7 types of HID light heads. This allows us to satisfy every need, both in recreational diving in technical diving. The wide range of XDive lights are used in all kinds of situations, from crisp and clear waters to the more murky and dark.


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Highly reliable and strong lights with a wide range of power in order to satisfy every need.HID heads are currently the best choice for diving in waters with low visibility.The HID head lights are available in seven power 24W,35W, 50W, 65W, 75W, 85W and the 100W the most powerful lights of Speleo 3 Series. LED heads are available in 3 different model with 3, 4 or 6 XML CREE LED. Made in 2 versions; R and B, which differ in the use of the absorbed current. The R version is characterized by a yield of burn time in slow fall (especially popular for the use in caves), while the B version uses all the battery power until the sudden shutdown of the lamp, and is more suitable for open water dives.



A waterproof container housing the battery pack that supplies energy to the light heads, equipped with magnetic ignition switch with safety features to lock the device in the “OFF” position during transportation as well as to lock it in the “ON” position for safe use during diving in confined spaces (caves and wrecks). All functions can be managed with a single hand even in immersion, making the Canister a safe and effective product. Entirely non-magnetic and made in Delrin to protect it from bumps and scratches. The X-3 series Canisters (12Vdc) can also provide energy to diving gear heaters. A key feature is the FLY model, with its power of 96,8 Watts, allows transportation of the device by air according to IATA regulations. The most innovative and performance Canister series ever made.



As for XDive, diver safety is the main point in the development of its products. The Backup line consists of two light to use as a secondary light source along the main head light source.Both are equipped with a XML CREE LED, and are able to develop 325 Lumens with the X-SCOUT that works in 3 mode full,half and strobo (burn time 3 hours in full mode), and 850 Lumens with the X-SCOUT1000 (burn time of 2.5 hours).Both are equipped with rechargeable batteries and battery charger.X-Scout also availabble with 35 degrees video beam.



Complete kits including a LED or HID head light and an Xdive canister; retains all the properties of the individual XDive components
Kits TEC: The main feature of the TEC kits is for technical purposes and high performance; up to 7 hours of burn time, usable for both XDive HID and LED heads, E/O CORD connection available, usable for diving gear heaters and as a 12Vdc battery pack for any device using that voltage (X-3 series only).
KITS REC:For LED heads only, The REC kits have the similar performance and functionality as the Technical series with less burn time and without the E/O CORD option and the the ability to supply external components/heaters at asignificant lower cost.



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