professional diving equipment


The machine does not isolate man from the great problems of nature but plunges him more deeply into them.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

All our products are designed in their entirety to fulfill three basic functions.

  • Increase the pleasure of the underwater experience
  • Adapt to the specific characteristics of each diver
  • Improve safety and comfort while diving

This is the way we work, this is why we get up in the morning.





Metallic Adjacent Free

This technology allows for  the elimination of electrolytic reaction phenomenon, which in the marine environment causes the seizure of the adjacent mechanical parts. It also makes it easier to use and mantain while  extending the life of the product.

Wet Dissipation System

The use of a heat sink “Core System” inside the outer body of the head, allows  free circulation of water always ensuring, in immersion, an optimal cooling of the electronic circuits and illumination device. The outer shell, made of Delrin, protects the metal heat sink from bumps and scratches.

Drive Switch Magnet

Inside the magnetic ignition switch there is an area with a tin cap that houses the ignition magnet immersed in a special grease. This will eliminate  any form of condensation that can, over time, oxidate the magnet making it impossible for the light to work correctly.

Block Control System

A switch with safety lock functions for transportation of the light in the off mode and to  keep the light on for the  time needed.

Temperature controlled LED

X-LED heads can also be used in dry environments as they are equipped with an appropriate temperature control which will shut down the light to prevent overheating that could result in damage to the LED device.

The light will automatically turn on again when the internal temperature returns to acceptable conditions. This function is deactivated when the light is underwater.

Regulated Burning Time

Applicable to LED heads. It allows a slow reduction of the light intensity towards the end of the burn time of the light. This feature is most popular for the use in caves as it allows the diver to have a residual light, albeit of lesser intensity, providing an operating margin of safety.

This is made possible thanks to the linearity of LED Drivers, for which the trend of its light output over time will be at its maximum value of brightness for 75% of the battery life, while in the remaining time there will be a gradual reduction of light intensity due to the reduction of the absorption of the LED head.

Boostered Burning Time

Applicable to LED heads. This allows maximum light output until the light turns off. This type of technology makes use of a switching circuit that increases the voltage of the battery in order to stabilize it at the LED operation value. In this case, the light is shut down automatically by the PCM, protecting the battery when the voltage drops to the critical value.

Temperature Controlled Canister

If the canister is used for multiple concurrent uses, (light heads and/or heaters), the control suspends the power supply in case the value of required power exceeds the maximum power that can be supplied by the battery pack . This control is disabled when the diver uses a single XDive head light.

Temperature Dissipated HID

A metallic element is inserted in the central part of the body of the HID head which allows greater dissipation. This allows the external shell to be made of Delrin, not alluminium, which further protects it from bumps and scratches.

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